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The Saxon Story

Let me share our story


I grew up in Antwerp, Belgium where chocolate was a delicious part of everyday life. Grocery shopping always included a stop at the local chocolate maker’s shop. There were chocolate sprinkles on toast for breakfast and fine Belgian chocolates to be enjoyed after dinner. Surrounded as I was by the creations of some of the most exquisite chocolate makers in the world, my love affair with quality chocolate began.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then passion is the driver of design. In 1994, I founded Saxon Chocolates with the desire to bring gourmet chocolate made in the Belgian tradition to the North American market.

Saxon Chocolates proudly upholds the time-honoured traditions that have made Belgium synonymous with fine, gourmet chocolate. We adhere to the highest standards of chocolate making and use only pure, carefully sourced ingredients in each of our small-batch creations for the smoothest, richest flavours. The result? An exquisite gourmet experience, beautifully packaged, that will linger with you until you find yourself reaching for some more.  

Johan De Greef


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